Tips for Sinusitis Sufferers

Sinus Pain Awareness

You may have sinusitis if you suffer from:

  • symptoms of upper respiratory infection lasting ten days or more.
  • facial pressure or pain.
  • nasal discharge that is yellow or green.
  • post-nasal drip.
  • cough.

At-home treatments for sinusitis include:

  • saline nasal sprays that moisturize the nasal cavity, reduce dryness, and help clear thick or crusty mucus.
  • humidification (moisturizing the air) of living spaces in dry climates will aid the movement of mucus through the sinuses.

A physician visit for your sinus pain will:

  • determine if you have an infection requiring an appropriate antibiotic.
  • discover if you require intensive medical treatment for a condition such as nasal obstructions, necessitating sinus surgery.


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